Sold through travelling merchant

Book Cost Weight Int (req) Bonus Bonus Type
De Re Militari 4000 2 Tactics
Rhetorica ad Herennium 5000 2 Persuasion
The Life of Alixenus the Great 4200 2 Leadership
Essays on Logic 2900 2 Intelligence
A Treatise on the Value of Things 3100 2 Trade
On the Art of Fighting with Swords 4200 2 Weapon Mastery
Method of Mechanical Theorems 4000 2 Engineering
The Book of Healing 3500 2 Wound Treatment
Manual of Arms 3500 2 Training
The Great Book of Surgery 3500 2 Surgery
De Re Metallica 3500 2 Mining
Scroll of Craftsmanship 2500 2 Craftmanship
Gutenberg Bible 3500 2 Piety
Ancient Book of Legends 3500 2 Piety
Treatise on Corpus Physicum 1500 2 Athletics
Treatise on Khergit Conquests 1500 2 Looting

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