Welcome, adventurer, to Warband - Nova Aetas! In the next steps you will create your character and story. Let's first introduce a new Calradia to you.

The year of our Lord, 1423, more than thousand years after the fall of the great Empire. A New Era has begun for Calradia. Scholars have found new ways to gather knowledge, Kings to gain and maintain power, merchants to become richer and influential. The once fearful Khergit Khanate is crumbling. And yet the kingdoms of Calradia are fighting each other, overlooking a greater danger lurking in the East.

The Dark Ages have ended. It's time to enlighten all of us. The Rennaissance has begun! It's a time of rebirth. Classical sources teach us to optimize architecture, art, science, music and let us think out philosophical ideas, views and opinions. 

In the last decades the once fearful Nordic Kingdom has fallen apart. Bitterness, wrath and deep religious disunity predominate. Shall one man stand up and unite the Nordic people under one banner, one King and one faith again? Which man is capable and... will it be Christian or Pagan?

Furthermore, an ancient Empire, almost forgotten and doomed to be in an isolated place, the Mithridian Empire is starting to take its last breath. The Great Schism between the Emperor and the Pope, since 1054 an unfortunate fact, has left a legacy of distrust and disapproval. A four centuries old law prevents outsiders from entering the islands. But the Emperor is now in deep need of help from these Western nations. The Muslims are nearly invincible. Shall this once great Empire, once called the Calradic Empire, continue to survive?

Moreover, Sultan Abdulhamid promulgated a decree which forbids every Christian to enter the Holy City of Hierosolyma without permission of the local mayor. This has led to shock and widespread vexation among the Christian world. How will the Pope in Aldurias react to this?

During the early years of this century, rich merchants have resurrected the long forgotten town of Zendar. The Doge leads this Merchant Republic. The harbour of this town is the gateway to the West. Explorers with ships have done the greatest discovery of these times! There is more than Calradia only, there is land in the West! This all has proven Zendar to be one of the prosperous towns on this World!

It is time for you to begin your adventure...