The Nordic Veteran is the fifth tier infantry unit in the Nordic Union Troop Tree. Armed with heavy armor, a strong shield and heavy armor helmets, these are some of the best fifth tier infantry in the game. They sometimes have javelins.

The Nordic Veteran is upgraded from the Nordic Heavy Infantry, and upgrade into the Nordic Huscarl.

Suggested Tactics Edit

If you find yourself struggling against a Nordic Union shield wall, the following strategy may help alleviate that issue. However, you will need a good amount of archers to pull this off, at least ten. Your hero will also need a horse.

  1. Place your archers on top of a hill, looking down. Place your infantry in front of them, in a close formation. You'll want units with shields, for Nordic archers are surprisingly deadly. Place your cavalry somewhere nearby, to help run down fleeing units. Be careful with your artillery placement, in case the Nords break formation and charge.
  2. As the enemy approaches, ride off alone on your horse. Watch for enemy archers. If your brave, you can try to take them down one by one. Don't stop moving!
  3. Once you or your men take down the enemy archers, try to lure the enemy shield wall to a position where your men can easily hit a large target, though not too close. Watch for javelins, for Nordic units often have skirmishing weapons.
  4. Once you have reached an appropriate distance, begin encircling the enemy with your horse. This should confuse them, as they don't know which threat to take. As their shields follow you, the enemy should begin to fall.
  5. If your men run out of arrows, retreat and repeat.
  6. Win, and enjoy the fruits of success.