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Nova Aetas a Mount & Blade: Warband mod.

This modification is set in the world of Calradia, but in the period between the 15th and 17th century. You'll start during the Renaissance and eventually find yourself and your men equipped with arquebusses and 17th century cloths. The Old Medieval World is vanishing. A New Era is coming and you, the player, will experience this and play a vast role.

Nova Aetas is Latin for A New Era. The main targets of this mod are realism & extended gameplay. The developer also wants to highlight the civil part of Warband. Building & managing are vital features.

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    Comment: LOL I feel SO dumb now for all those months that I have had this and logged on, said to myself "these troop trees are a bit scant, too bad there isnt...
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    Comment: For some reason the boat maps fail to spawn for me and i just float in the sky with all the enemys inside of my troops ranks.
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    Comment: Hi everyone. How exactly can I raise the craftmanship in my new blacksmith shop? Currently I have 0 points and can't forge anything, since all things...
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    Comment: For some reason my Piety increased by 400 (?!), and I now have 466 Piety. My CHA increased as well by 4 in a row in short period of time. I think...
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    Comment: Is it possible to give those 30-STR-requirement-blades to custom kingdom troops even when they don't have that much strenght? With those weapons even...
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