Here lie the remnants of a great town. Famous of its walls, noted because of its military reputation. Travellers tell you of a war in past. Namely the 13 Years' War which left Uxkhal in ruins. In 1276 the Kingdom of Rhodoks invaded Swadian lands until they reached the very walls of Uxkhal. King Harlaus II the Bold was fighting rebels on the banks of the Suerder river nearby Haringoth castle. When he got notified of this great invasion, it was too late. Uxkhal had fallen. The King immediately recruited troops and went to Vyincourd castle to prepare for a siege.

The siege of Uxkhal lasted for 2 years. The Rhodoks didn't give up. This left Uxkhal very depopulated and devastated. A traitor opened the gates for the Swadians and they entered the town. Within some hours the town was back in Swadian hands after 2 years of siege. The Rhodoks sent reinforcements, but they were too late. And again the town of Uxkhal was under siege. Technological advancements brought new and enormous trebuchets. These could break down the great walls, but also destroy many buildings in the town. King Harlaus II the Bold ordered to open the gates and send out his best troops with him first. In this Battle of the Red Fields he would find his end, leaving the Kingdom in chaos. A monument marks the place of his death. His sword allegedly is still lost. Many people started a search, but without luck. Perhaps you can try it? Or it has gone for ever. 

The Rhodoks won the battle, but at high cost. Many Rhodok noble knights died in this bitter fight. Blood coloured the battlefield red, that's why it's called the Red Fields. The town of Uxkhal would pay the price for this bitter, hard fight. Rhodok soldiers entered, plundered and razed the town. After this the remaining people left their homes and moved to the countryside or other towns. Uxkhal was no more. 

Treasure-hunters have searched for the sword of King Harlaus II for centuries. Stories became myths, myths became legends and this riddle is mentioned in the same breath as Uxkhal:

Under a broken bridge you shall go,

A tree to your right is all you'll know,

From a corner of the ruined cities walls,

You will get to where the world stalls,

To your right will be a patch,

Which your eye it will catch,

A mound you will see unless you're blind,

There will be the treasure you came to find.