To Find A Tournament Edit

You can find tournaments from the tournament master.

Rare but possible, you get an invitation from the lord to attend the tournament.

If you're lucky, you can find a tournament by yourself.

Tournaments SetupEdit

​Tournaments start usually during feasts, but not in nighttime, you'll need to wait till dawn.

Usually, there is a lord on a tournament, but if you arrive and go to the tournament before the lords came to the city, they won't appear in the tournament.


In the Change Tournament Option, you can change how you play.

You can bet, change characters, set your team (eg Random), Random your equipment, Don't spawn this character, Weapon Choices and Enhancements.

There are four teams, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

There are 6 rounds in the tournament, same as the 6 tiers as the original M&B Warband.

Depending what your settings of your difficulty, It may be 1 v 1, 2 v 2 and so on.

The arenas look different depending what city you at in.

After you are knocked unconscious during the round, the stalemate timer counts from 8 seconds to 0, if a kill had happen, the stalemate timer resets.

The team points is how many does your team kill and your points is how many you killed, bet and winning the round.

Fact: Your points could make you in the leaderboard, as seen in Standings after you completed a round.

If your points is higher than everyone else, you are first, but tied with someone could land you 1st or 2nd. If your points is lower than someone, you are second and so on.

End Edit

After the 6th round, the leaderboard is shown for only the top 3.

The prices are awarded, if your 1st, you get a tobacoo and also your relation with the town improves, 2nd gets a kettlehat and finally 3rd, a flat cap.