This is a idea or wish list for features that could be included in future editions or patches. There is a separate page for bug fixes.


-- MOST IMPORTANT: Make the MOD stable please :'( crashes are unbearable

-- Cannons, more advanced tech than all.

-- Peasants Rebellions, when the relation of the lord to the town or village is too low or he manages really bad, peasants will start rebellion maybe forming a new kingdom.

-- Option to disable vassal relation decay and penalty with all other vassals for granting feifs. It's impossible to keep even a tiny portion of them happy and they inevitably defect or disobey. It's maddening.

--Purchasable baggage wagon can be bought or rented, that would slow the party but could hold extra supplies or loot that could follow the party full time or be sent to the nearest city to sell all its contents and then move toward your party to catch up.

-- Make rapiers longer. The main point of the weapon should be to have superior range and speed to other weapons. not much damage when cutting

-- Build a blacksmith/carpenter workshop outside of a city (similar to the way you build a farm) anywhere on the map.

--Ability to hire people in towns, much like colonists, to live on and work your farm as if it were a small village. Also ability to make improvements to your farm like a village.

-- Adding of catapults/ballista to castle defenses and castle sieges if possible. Or possibly addition of these weapons and their crews as a permanent (but very slow) part of your army.

-- Please let our colonies build more than one wheat farm. They're self sustainable up to 100 colonists, but after that the single wheat farm and importing of food each week is no longer enough to sustain them. I see no realistic reason a colony couldn't have multiple farms or other businesses.

--Ability to split your party in two so that one half is left waiting and the other continues its business with you commanding it. Perhaps scouting mechanic.

--The ability to use slaves to work your farm much like they can populate your colonies.

--The ability to customize and custom name your own troops

--Greater depth in courting and family for more immersion.

-- Explore Ceylon and Indonesia for tea and spice trade routes, maybe able to establish colonies there

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