You obtain Timber by chopping down trees in a Forest.  You need a parchment granting you access to chop down lumber from the Lord's forest who "owns" it. The forest will tell you who the Lord is you need permission from in order to chop trees. This is purchased from the Lord so you must find him.

Once you obtain permission, you will need to get a Woodcutter's axe from a City's Arms Merchant (at marketplace).  Equip the woodcutter's axe, then enter the forest.  The trees you need to chop will look different than the rest (look for the white trees to orient yourself towards the direction you need to go).  There are both white and brown trees you can chop down, and the ground is grey around the ones you can chop.  Doing so grants you 3 prestige, aswell as giving you 1 timber.. 

You will know you're at the right tree when you see "Destructible" pop up when you are near the screen, and when you chop you will hear it connect (versus the whif sound when you hit a wall) and the health bar will pop up showing the damage done to the tree. 

If your axe breaks you can keep using it as long as you don't go into your inventory.  So you should be able to use one axe per trip to the forest. This is so common that chances are that you will need a new axe for each trip. 

You may want to take one axe per trip though since if you have two axes in your inventory and break two axes in a single trip you'll loose them both.

Mechanics Edit

  • Make sure you have the Woodcutter's Axe equipped.
  • Go to one of the many forests on the map and acquire a charter from the nearest lord.
  • Cutting woods can be tricky for newbies. You need to find eligible trees. Some trees can be cut with an axe, some cannot. The earth ground reveals eligible trees. Make sure there's a progress bar upon hitting the tree. The tree will collapse down as of v4.0.
  • The log appears at one of the three saw pits.
  • Go to the log, stand on the middle of it and saw it to timber which gives you prestige.

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